Decisions can sometimes be overwhelming in this day in age where we are presented with so many choices and possibilities. Whether it’s selecting the latest technology to keep up with the latest trend or choosing the next series to binge watch on your streaming device. The same concept applies to business cards. Print companies offer endless possibilities of design options for your custom cards. You have the choice to select the type of paper, color, font, print capabilities and so much more. It’s never an easy decision but doing a little research can certainly help.

Designing your business cards can be simplified after considering a few simple questions on how you want your brand personality portrayed.

1.Should I include a logo?

If your company has a logo, then yes. A logo is a visual foundation and backbone for any business or company’s brand. It not only makes your brand more memorable but also showcases its personality. You should expose it to customers as often as possible. When used in a business card, people will start associating your name with the logo and that is where you will start to build trust.

2. Should I put a lot of information on my card?

No. Simplicity is vital. In today’s world, people are looking for companies who are easy to work with. Your business card should portray a similar message; simple. Consider having significant information such as logo, name, phone number and email address.

A Fortune 1000 company recently conducted a study and found the number of people that actually used fax within their company was drastically lower than expected, which resulted in removing this option from their business cards. Declutter the space with unnecessary information to visually differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

3. What kind of impression do I want to make?

Break away from the ordinary and create something exhilarating and appealing. Special finishes can make your cards stand out. Choosing specialized print processes such as engraving, embossing, foiling, or thermography can exemplify a high “touchable” quality while showcasing professionalism and prestige. UV coating, spot gloss or colored edges can maintain a simple, definitive look but add a level of elegance and memorability to your cards.

4. How will my personality be portrayed?

Colors can stimulate a variety of emotions ranging from comfort and warmth to hostility and anger. For example, blue signifies peace, red displays ambition, and yellow defines perfectionists. Your brand and personality should be built around colors so it can be easily recognizable when it has been established. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with too many colors. Narrow it down to a select few to which people can start associating your business with. These colors should be displayed consistently on all platforms of your brand, including stationary and marketing materials, website, and of course, business cards.

The Bottom Line

Think about how you observe someone’s business card when you receive them. Do you have opinions about how they could change and make them better? Do the same with your current cards. Take a look and see what you could change about it so it’s a positive reflection of both you and your company’s brand identity.


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