Staying in touch with clients is important. However, not all forms of communication can accurately embody how much you care. Living in a digital age, face-to-face communication has become limited and it can be difficult to effectively convey certain aspects of your personality, work ethic and attitude in an email. To avoid this communication gap you may want to take a second look at your holiday card. Unlike an email, a holiday card can effectively allow your clients to interact with your brand, interpret the value of your relationship and get a feel for your personality. Another bonus to sending out holiday cards is being portrayed as timely, organized and personable.

It’s Not Your Typical Holiday Card
Holiday cards create instant impact while discouraging the reader from unconsciously discarding it when it’s done right. Imagine opening a card and out comes a flimsy piece of paper with an overused holiday verse on it.  How does this reflect your brand? Does it show quality, professionalism, humanity or thought? Chances are most low quality “stock” cards that are sent out by organizations are a product of a rush job that was selected to “get the job done.”  However, this doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice all your time and money on creating the perfect holiday card. Here are a few tips that can help your brand stand out in a unique way without the hassle.

Don’t Always Pick the Expected
Usually, when you hear the phrase “holiday card” you automatically think Christmas. Surprise your clients by stepping outside the traditional cookie cutter Christmas card and consider sending out a card at a different time of year, for instance, a fall or Halloween card.  Don’t get lost in the flood of Christmas cards that your clients and prospects receive, give yourself a competitive edge that shows your creative thinking.

Show You’re Invested – Globally
Have clients and prospects around the world? You may be familiar with the US holidays but have you thought about what holidays are celebrated in other parts of the world? See what holidays and traditions your clients celebrate and show them how observant and invested you are in your relationship. You might be surprised by what holiday’s they may or may not celebrate.

Thanksgiving: US and Canada
Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese New Year: China
Bank Holidays (May Bank, Spring Bank, Summer Bank): London UK

Check out other holiday’s celebrated around the world here.

Create a Lasting Impression
A well-designed card can leave an impression.  Stocks and processes give your clients and prospect the opportunity to interact with your brand while creating an emotional connection.  In fact, engraving and thermography can portray elegance and sophistication while thick stocks give off a sense of quality and stability. According to a 2015 Eagleman Lab study, more than half the brain is devoted to processing sensory experience and much of that sensory receptivity focuses on touch.

Here are a few processes you may consider using on your holiday card to create an impactful message:

Soft Touch

Keep it Simple
It’s tempting to immerse your holiday card with your brand colors and logo, after all, that’s what you want them to remember right? It came from you. However, holiday cards are a chance to demonstrate your appreciation, not push your brand to a point where it’s overbearing. Keep your holiday card focused on your client and prospect while incorporating subtle references to your brand.

For example, our 2015 holiday card incorporated the brand logo as the moon in the starry sky. This way we were able to keep the message focused on our clients while subconsciously keeping our name in front of their minds. You can do this by making a small adjustment to a pre-made design or verse.

holiday card1holiday card2

The problem with holiday cards is that they are often done poorly. Start thinking about your holiday card early so you won’t end up settling for a “get the job done” card. Think of your holiday card as an opportunity to build an emotional connection with your clients and prospects in a unique way.

Want to get started? Whether you have your own design or would like to choose from a variety of holiday cards that include the latest print processes and trends we have the ability to cater to you.


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