Successful brands are consistent. When consumers interact with a brand voice and aesthetic they begin to develop opinions and assumptions.  When the correspondence between the brand and consumer is positive, trust is built. To create effective brand recognition and consistency you need to provide the same experience and perception across all your communication channels, starting with your corporate print.

Corporate print design elements such as colors, textures, paper weights, fonts and more can affect how a brand is perceived. When the right elements come together, your corporate personality will shine through. To help strengthen your brand, here are 4 ways you can alter your corporate print through design.

#1 Streamline Your Message

Today’s landscape is cluttered with noise. Make sure your content is relevant and straight to the point. Your time is valuable so why not treat your client’s time with the same respect? When your corporate print works in a way that makes your client’s life easier, you provide value and gain respect.

Decide Significance

Select what information is vital on your corporate stationery and what is optional. Consider limiting the number of phone numbers and removing www from your web address. This gives your stationery white space and aids your clients searching process by allowing them to find information easier.

Choose Your Vital Elements
Work Phone
Mobile Phone
Headquarters Phone
(Pick one phone as your main line of communication)
Email Address
Web Address (remove www)
Fax Number (Are you utilizing fax?)
Social Media Icons (Use logos instead of words to maximize space)

#2 Create Recognition Through Color

According to a study done by the University of Loyola Maryland, color increases brand recognition by 80%. When it comes to your corporate color palette, it’s important to keep in mind that every color has a personality trait. Bolder colors like red and black can give off a stronger ruggedness perception while softer colors like yellow and green can depict serenity and hope. Not sure what colors are associated with what personality? Read our previous blog on the Influence of Color here!

Color Palette

Pare down your main color palette to 2 or 3 colors in the same tone. This will avoid overwhelming consumers and allow them to focus on what’s right in front of them. These color should appear in all aspects of your brand i.e. your website, business cards, stationery and other marketing materials. When you keep colors consistent across all your channels you will increase brand recognition and association.

#3 Standout With Stock

The stock isn’t something you usually think of when it comes to your corporate print, but it is often the factor that can make or break your whole design. Thick stocks promote quality and elegance while textured stocks can help create an experience that is memorable to the touch. Paper mills are providing variety now more than ever when it comes to textures, weights, and color. Ranging from soft touch to stipple they can be utilized for all of your stationery materials to create a consistent look and feel.

Ultimate Test

Lay out all your corporate stationery materials out on a table. Do you see discrepancies? Does the color match between items? Is the print process in registration? Does it look like one brand? If not, it may be time to revisit and refresh your materials. Having a consistent look no matter what the consumer is looking at is vital to promote your brand message.

Suggested Paper Weights:

Environmental friendly papers are also available for organizations who are socially conscious.

#4 Don’t Forget About Fonts

As you may have noticed, there are many components that go into a brand’s identity. While colors can provide a sense of personality the same can be said for fonts. Serif fonts, often viewed as classical and more decorative, have a slight projection off a stroke of a letter while San serif fonts are thought to be more clean and modern. Each can be used with thick or thin strokes, but depending on size, readability can be affected.

When choosing a font you want to make sure it aligns with your mood or personality. If your brand is fun and energetic, pick a font that has more whimsical characteristics. If your brand is more serious and poised, choose a clean cut and bold typeface.

When Picking a Font Ask These Questions:

  • Does the font support the qualities of my brand or complement the purpose of my message?
  • How will the font be viewed? If downsized, is it still readable?
  • Can you use this font across all your materials? Business card, letterhead, envelope, advertisement, packaging?
  • Is it versatile? Is it still usable when it’s bold, italicized, and capitalized?

Finding the right font can be a process, but we hope these questions can help narrow down your search and find the one that speaks to your brand.

As you continue to build, evolve or reinvent your brand identity, please keep these elements in mind to create consistency with your corporate print. Consistency gives consumers the opportunity to get to know your brand while building a trusted relationship.


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