Eat your breakfast, exercise daily, and drink lots of water. We’ve all heard these tips to help us stay focused, alert and productive throughout the day. But what percentage of us actually have the willpower to keep up with all three (especially working out) in this on-the-go lifestyle?

We are here to share some quick tips that may not have crossed your mind before. Tips that will help you accomplish more and worry less throughout the day.

Get Up Early – Get up at 5am—or 6am if you’re not really a morning person. Mind over mattress, you could say. Studies show that early risers are more motivated, better problem solvers and more likely to succeed. Put this into practice each and every day to strengthen your willpower and it will serve you better throughout the rest of your day.

Prep Your Workstation – Prepare for your next day appointments, meetings or tasks the day before. If you aren’t organized then you are merely wasting time trying to find things as you navigate through the mess in the morning. Take 10 minutes before the end of the day to gather materials you will need and have them ready to go. By doing this, you will start your morning stress-free and a lot less rushed.

Turn off Distractions – Technology is supposed to simplify our lives but often times it leads us down an unproductive path we don’t desire. We see many diversions that impact our daily lives: emails, phone calls, text messages, social media, and even co-workers appearing at our desks. But when you have an important task or deadline due here’s how you can regulate. Turn your phone to airplane mode rather than switching it to silent. Set your IM status to Do Not Disturb. Close your office door, even for an hour. Logout of social media sites. These simple solutions will help you stay on track and complete the task at hand.

Say No – Most of us have an innate desire to be liked or to accommodate to everyone’s needs and that results in saying yes to everything. Try not to squeeze in those “quick 15-minute chat” calendar requests. Evaluate if those meetings can potentially be handled as a quick email or note. Open up time for yourself and your important tasks because learning to value your time will increase productivity.

The Worst is Over – Knock out the most dreaded task off your to-do list first. Whether it is writing an article or making a phone call. Pull out a piece of paper and start jotting down your ideas for the article or practice what you’re going to say on the phone in front of the mirror. Just get it done! You will feel more confident and satisfied about crossing it off your list and carry on a victorious momentum throughout the rest of your busy day.

Changing your daily lifestyle with a few simple tricks can help you gain hours of time back and make you more productive. But in order to see improvement, you must take action. Acclimate to the tips above and see your productivity soar.


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