89671674Staying relevant in an industry that is constantly shifting isn’t easy. But it’s important to be aware of the upcoming trends, challenges and opportunities that are available to your corporation. To help you along the way we recently attended the HOW Design Live conference in Atlanta to find the latest marketing designs, techniques and processes that are utilized when it comes to corporate print.

If you haven’t heard of this annual conference, I suggest you look into it. It’s one of the largest gatherings of creative professionals and designers packed with speakers, transforming designs and ground breaking collaborations. The seminar excelled at showcasing various corporate creative individuals who are currently leading their teams into the future and sharing challenges that they faced along the way.

While attending the conference we were given the opportunity to talk with suppliers, designers and marketing professionals who we haven’t worked with as well as with those we have.  Through detailed conversations and a haul of samples we were able to identify some of the overnight sensations and industry trends below that could be here to stay or die away; only time will tell.

Soft Touch
Soft touch created quite the buzz at the conference this year. The rich soft matte finish begs to be touched while giving off an understated look of sophistication and elegance.

Flood Coats
Most brands rely on color as a key indicator of their brand. Flood coats help create instant brand recognition by drawing attention to your organizations colors and conveying a message or feeling without the use of words.

If you are looking for a high quality business card for your executives or organization double thick stocks give the impression of quality while your brand color(s) can be stacked in the middle to enhance brand recognition.

Bright Whites
Keep your brand in focus with bright white stocks that create a sense of modern sophistication. The clean and simple brightness will allow your brand to stand out among the clutter.

Embossing & Debossing
Embossing and debossing creates a lasting impression that will reflect the elegance of your brand. The grooves formed by this printing process will give your consumers something to touch with instant recognition of quality.

Two Sided Imprint
Make the most of the real estate you have on your business card with two sided imprinting. This trend has become increasingly popular with the rise in the digital platforms. Use the front side of your card for contact information and adding social media icons, websites, taglines and more to the backside of your card.

As we reflected on these trends we couldn’t help but wonder how many of these processes were actually out in the marketplace today. To test our question we decided to gather business cards from vendors, speakers, attendees and more at the HOW Conference and took a poll.


Today’s business environment raises new questions and encourages change when it comes to reinvigorating your brand. Certain processes/trends like the ones listed above may be a good fit for your corporation and brand message.

Don’t know if these trends align with your goals? Our team works with a variety of vertical markets that face some of the same challenges you do. Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us directly if you have any questions.

Watch for our upcoming blog articles that talk about the philosophies behind touch and why it’s important.

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