It pays to be different. One size does not fit all when it comes to corporate stationery. Every brand has its own personality and finding the right balance between corporate values and design is essential in creating your unique identity. Whether you’re establishing a new brand, strengthening a previously seasoned one or reinventing, we bring the elements of print to the forefront so you can envision the possibilities. First up on our list, floodcoats.

Floodcoats are primarily used to prime paper before printing. It deters the ink from soaking in and appearing faded or transparent. When looking to protect a printed item from outside elements such as the wind, dirt, rain and more floodcoats offer a solid protective coating. Some items that utilize this process to secure vital information include tickets, brochures, and flyers. Are you picturing a shiny piece of paper and thinking that finish doesn’t match your corporate brand? Don’t worry, floodcoats are available in multiple finishes including matte, satin, and gloss so you can reap the benefits without sacrificing visual appeal. When it comes to your business card, however, floodcoats have the ability to be more than just a protector or a primer, they can enhance your brand identity.

Identify the Tie

You’ve probably heard the writing expression, “transitions are like bridges – they link one another.” Well, the same can be said for your business card design. The back needs to be in unison with the front. Fortunately, floodcoats can make this easy by giving you the opportunity to showcase your brand colors without intruding on the whitespace. Depending on your design, backer floodcoats can cover the entire backside of your card. This is valuable when trying to pull color from the front of your card, typically the logo, to the back. When this is implemented it can often be compared to a double thick card, except you don’t have a pasted colored stock for the back. Providing a variety of looks, floodcoats aren’t just limited to just color blocking, you can add any image you desire. This can include your company logo, social media icons, photos, links and more.

Eye of the Beholder

Floodcoats demand attention. While fronts of cards often hold vital information, the backer can be used to break up the noise visually. Featuring your logo, brand colors or extended brands on the back allows you to profit on the realty space without being too stark and boring. The vibrate flash of color catches attention and lures people to take a second look.

Standing out in competitive landscape takes more than just a cardstock business card. When you place your card in a client’s hand you want them to be able to distinguish what you value. When your card reflects professionalism, concise information, and creativity. They will know exactly who they are doing business with.

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