A rebrand or refresh is a great opportunity to reinvent your brand position, and while it may seem like a great idea at the beginning, the journey to a rebrand can bring its challenges. Before you hit the road running, you may want to make sure rebranding or refreshing is the right decision for you.

Here are three important aspects of a brand and why we knew updating our brand was the best move for us:


Think about parallel parking. All your time and energy is focused into backing your car into that precise gap between two cars. If you do it right the first time, you won’t crash into the other vehicles or have to readjust your alignment, saving you time and money. The same works for your business. Without a plan in place you are not able to focus on the task at hand. A strategic plan enables you to manage your resources and provide the framework to build your company; saving energy, time and money.


Our focus has always been our customers; through our refresh we were able to take a step back and reinforce our attention on not only our customers but also their perspective needs. What do your clients look for in a vendor and do the products, solutions and insights you provide benefit them?


35+ years ago writing detailed analyses of our product offerings were beneficial. Today people’s average attention span is less than that of a goldfish. Yikes! The way our market intakes information has changed, and we have responded by restructuring the way we communicate. Whether it’s through a white paper, email or presentation we only provide the information that benefits our clients. Don’t burden your customers with useless information that can create worry. Instead, give data that ensures you are the best brand to support their business.


Chances are if you have flipped through cable TV you have probably seen a cooking show where a chef has 60 minutes to create an amazing meal out of nothing. At the end they elaborately display their mouthwatering food on a plate to entice the judges. The judges naturally have an instant opinion about the food. Your brand operates the same way. Your customer’s have an immediate opinion about your business, whether you agree with it or not. Refreshing or rebranding can give you the opportunity to change perceptions to better reflect you true differentiators.

Taking a look at these three aspects of focus, relevancy and representation can be beginning point in a rebrand or brand refresh decision process. Map out the key features you want your brand to allude and define how your brand expresses them.

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