As a leading provider of personalized business stationery, we have built a reputation for quality and seamless execution. Our brand is our most valuable asset aside from our employees. As a result, we went beyond the boundaries of our brand and restructured it to ensure that these elements were reflected in our visual identity. We asked our employees and customers what CGI’s strengths were and those became the characteristics of our brand personality which are reflected in our new brand guidelines.

If you’re thinking about restructuring your brand you may want to think about your brand guidelines. Brand guidelines are the set of rules and standards which explain how your brand works. They usually include an overview of your company brand values and personality. Often these guideless are used internally to preserve the integrity and value of your brand across your corporation.

Here are a few of the fundamentals that we mentioned in our brand guidelines:

Logo clearance zone
Incorrect logo usage
Default logo

Brand Imagery
Images portray traits of our business
Gray backgrounds with splashes of color represent uniqueness in the industry

Design Elements
Stock – One paper stock and paper weight across all printed products
Corporate stationary standards (print processes, size, typography and etc.)
Enhancement of brand symbol (circular references)
Concise text

Color Palette
Color Theory – Each color was chosen to represent a personality of our brand
Primary color palette represents dependability, stability and integrity

Overwhelmed or don’t know where to get started? Check out our completed brand guidelines by clicking here and see what we included!

*Corporate Graphics International is a national leader in corporate identity programs. Our goal is to find ways to save you time and money while providing quality personalized print products.


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