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It’s funny how business’ make promises, but then never deliver the quality products, programs or customer experience that they said they would. Too often, businesses tell their customers what they think they like to hear rather than about the actual service they can provide.

When reviewing the CGI brand for our refresh we wanted to make sure if truly represents what we can do. Our brand promise doesn’t consist of potential offerings to our customers. It presents what we have successfully implemented throughout the years.

Our Promise

Create an effortless and efficient buying experience.
Deliver delightful customer service consistently above all expectations.
Reveal new opportunities, discover disparities and provide solutions.
Provide knowledgeable support from experts on branding and corporate identity print.

Does your promise compromise your brand?

Today the promises you fail to fulfill can cause a negative reaction to your brand now and in the future. To keep your brand protected, you may want to revisit your promise and make sure it’s realistic to the capabilities of your corporation. Delivering more than promised can drive long term success and potential profits. Technology continues to steadily evolve, and with it, the ease of sharing information that could make or break your business.

3 Questions you should ask when looking at your brand promise:  

  • Does your brand promise possess credible benefits?
  • Is your promise creating an emotionally compelling connection to your brand?
  • Can you deliver realistic results with your promise?

See what our customers have said about our promise and capabilities by clicking here!

*Corporate Graphics International is a national leader in corporate identity programs. Our goal is to find ways to save you time and money while providing quality personalized print products.


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