We are creatures of habit. The comfort zone has become a place of steady performance, cautious business decisions, and average results. So it’s no surprise when we don’t step out of our comfort zone, no real growth takes place.  “Living on the edge” can have big risks, but also big rewards.

A study done by psychologists Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson proved that we need to be in a state of relative anxiety to have maximized performance. While this is true, it can be hard to jump into the unknown, especially when the stakes are high.

Start Small
Risks get you noticed. When your competition is following the same path it can be hard to break away. But, who said you had to go all in? Ease out of your brand comfort zone by attempting smaller changes that don’t fit tradition. For instance, this year, our holiday card used the combination of strategic and creative risk.

When you think of a Holiday card you often associate it with Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Years, but we took an alternative approach by highlighting the season of fall and sending out our cards in the middle of November. Our risk? Breaking the traditional card. Our reward? Getting in our consumer’s mind before the flood of holiday cards.

It’s in Details
Often times, small details like the personalization of your holiday card can give you enough momentum to promote growth. We did this by customizing our cards by department so our clients weren’t receiving multiple copies of the same card from various individuals. To promote your unique attention to detail and demonstrate how much you care this may be something you want to consider.

Of course, creating various versions of your card doesn’t mean you need to break brand guidelines. See how our fall card stayed true to our brand and set us apart while using printing methods such as full-color process and die-cutting.

holiday card2

Don’t Lose Momentum
Big business often loses momentum because they have become complacent in their ways. When no decisions or risks are made you are unable to move forward. To progress doesn’t mean you always have to invest in something new but to make something better. At Corporate Graphics International we help unveil new opportunities/risks that help you stand out from the competitive landscape.

Interested in learning more about the processes we used on our fall holiday card? Leave a comment or reach out to us directly! 

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