Every year a few businesses question their return on investment with holiday cards. Some see it as a waste of money while others regard it as a tradition and part of business etiquette. While this can be disputed, holiday cards can be an excellent marketing and networking tool when delivered properly and effectively.

Holiday cards can:

Strengthen Relationships
Reinforce Brand Identity
Remind Old Clients of Your Existence
Show Appreciation
Act as a Feel-Good Touch Point
Communicate Professionalism

Of course, crafting the perfect message and picking out a card that reflects your brand personality can sometimes be difficult. Below are a few tips to help maximize your efforts and make an impact with your holiday card this year:

Add a Personal Touch

Take time to add a personal message to your card. Too often big corporations get a bad rap for being too “salesy.” A personal message allows your card to stand out from the clutter and not be too promotional. Instead of just signing your name, take a few moments and wish them a wonderful holiday season.

Brand Your Card

Allow your card design to speak for your brand. When your card portrays quality and sophistication, recipients form an association with your organization. Your card can be a vessel to show how much you care and value your clients, sending a lightweight flimsy holiday card without any distinct details can land themselves in the trash quickly. Choose a thick paper stock and specialty printing process like engraving or die cutting to enhance its superiority and reflect your corporate brand message.

Integrate Your Logo into the Design

When sending your holiday card to prospects, it can be hard not to slap a huge logo across the front of your card. To avoid overwhelming recipients and sending the wrong message, work your logo subtly into the design. For instance, manipulating a snowflake, present, confetti, sun or moon with your logo can be a tasteful and simple way to get recipients to look at your card twice.

Be Conscious of Time

Give your recipients time to enjoy your holiday cheer and appreciation. Whatever holiday you decide, begin the mailing process at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This will allow your cards to get there before the holiday and avoid the holiday rush.

As we approach the holiday season we like to help businesses show appreciation without the hassle.

That’s why we offer:

Designs to Fit Every Budget
On-Hand Experts
Fast Shipping
Custom Design Possibilities
Premium Finishes
High-Volume Opportunities

And More…

If you are interested in a holiday program please feel free to contact us directly or leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns about designing a card that fits your brand.


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