According to 3M, a workplace study showed the average professional now receives 11 messages on Post-it® Notes each day. With their strong adhesive, bright colors, countless sizes and multi-functional uses it’s hard not to capture someone’s attention. When sharing notes in a corporate work environment, however, you want to find the right balance of personal and professional. That’s where Post-it® Notes tailored with your brand/logo come in.

Creating an Impression

Creating a memorable impression and experience can set your brand apart. As consumers form a connection with a specific product or service over a period of time, the visual elements of a brand become noticed. Elements such as fonts, color schemes, symbols and more aid in building that recognition. When something disrupts the image of a brand it can make the consumer question your merit.

Picture a document, proposal, presentation or sample that you would hand over to a client.  Now stick a hot pink note with gold gel pen script written on it. Does it match your brand message? Does it speak to your prestige, credibility or worth? Having Post-it® Notes with your logo and brand colors allows you to create a cohesive and professional presentation that matches your brand personality.

Not Your Average Post-it® Note

Post-it® Notes aren’t just a square anymore. They’re customizable, repositionable and informational. You can use them in your office to increase efficiency through routing slips or stick a Post-it® Note business card on a prescription. No matter what you’re looking for, we can tailor it to your brand and how you want them to be perceived.


Doesn’t leave glue stains
No dents like paper clips
Long lasting


Sorry I Missed You Notes
Corporate Identity
Routing Slips
Product Informational Notes
New Product Launches
Brand Awareness

Available in standard and customized sizes:

3×4, 4×6, 3×3, 6×8, 3×10, 3×5, 4×4, cubes, slim cubes and other sizes are available.

If you would like a sample or looking for a customized size please leave a comment below or reach out to us directly.




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