When it comes to subscription boxes, it’s all about the experience. From the minute that package lands on the doorstep; it’s making an impression. In order to succeed in the subscription industry, it’s smart to consider providing these three details when it comes to your product; differentiation, personalization, and novelty.


The subscription industry has grown and evolved tremendously in the past 5 years. It’s vital that your organization is carving out its own segment and offering something, unlike your competitors. One way you can do this is by differentiating your product or the way it’s presented. When it comes to presentation, printing processes such as foil on foil, engraving, thermography, spot gloss, and more allow the customer to cultivate an experience through not only sight but touch.  

Check out examples here!


One-third of customers seek customizable products. When your packaging or inserts inside your subscription box are personalized to your customer they will recognize the extra mile your organization went to make sure they were fulfilled. A few ways you can add personalization to your materials is through adding variable print. Variable print can range from a personalized brand message to the consumer’s name, specific colors, graphics, and more.

Check out this sample below and how we incorporated a customer’s name on a direct mail piece.


Consumer’ brains are activated when they receive substantially new, personalized, and thrilling elements from a subscription box service. When you add unique design elements to your product, consumers will be more engaged and curious about what’s to come. In essence, don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to packaging, designs, cuts, colors, and messaging. Safe is expected, surprise them with something refreshing.

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