The holiday season is stressful. Regardless of the normal craziness associated to this time of year, a pandemic was added to the mix, making it even more important than ever to take a moment and thank your customers, employees, vendors, and  for their support. While video calls and emails have become the backbone of corporate America, individuals are craving a more personal connection. Holiday cards are one small step toward a more genuine relationship.

By following these holiday card best practices, businesses can make a big impression on customers, partners, vendors, and employees.

Use Personalization

Anyone can send a generic holiday card. With today’s advanced technology of variable data, you can now customize your holiday cards with the receiver’s name, a unique message, design, or more with a click of a button. Variable data allows your card to stand out from the rest and tell your receiver it was made especially for them.

Don’t Be “Salesy”

You want your receiver to feel loved and appreciated. Don’t overpower your message of gratitude with a pitch on how they can spend more money with you. If you’re looking for a warm lead into the account, follow-up with a call or message the following weeks.

Say “Thank You”

Many businesses use holiday cards to foster deeper relationships. Use this as an opportunity to show your gratitude to your customers, partners, vendors, and employees for their business, devotion, and friendship during this crazy year. A holiday card is also a great spot to express your commitment to them and their needs.

Send A Cheerful Message

2021 is a symbol of a fresh start and leaving last year’s troubles behind. Instill happiness, joy, and hope for the New Year with cheerful imagery, messaging, colors, and more.

Follow these business holiday card best practices and you’ll have an impressionable card that everyone will remember.


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