Is it hip to be square? Or better to be well-rounded? That is the question to consider when you are thinking about re-designing your next order of business cards. Square cornered cards have been the norm ever since it originated in the 17th century in England where they were used as visiting cards by royalties and aristocrats.

Big corporations have been using this design for years to portray their brand identity and to stand out from their competitors. But rounded edges have quickly emerged with its modern impression and many businesses are taking this route. To some, it may seem like an insignificant detail but this trend is a simple way to make your cards stand out without distracting from your design. Plus it can give you an “edge” over your competitors.

4 Reasons Why Rounded Edge Business Cards Can Benefit You:

#1 It is budget friendly. Not only do they fit perfectly in any standard card holder but achieving this sophisticated look won’t have to take a toll on your wallet. Whether you choose quarter inch or half inch rounded corners, vertical or horizontal orientation, most print companies will have a “no extra charge” for these options.

#2 Round edges captivate. Whether it’s your brand or your personality that you’re trying to impress with, this design is bound to make you stand out. When you hand your business card to someone, it will make you memorable in their minds and provide a tangible interest.

#3 This look will also give you and your brand a higher presentation value. As noted above, rounded corners provide a sleek and modern aesthetic with a classy professional look. No matter where you go or who you meet it will give your job a professional touch.

#4 Lastly, these cards are manageable. Conventional cards with squared edges often tend to bend or deteriorate. Rounded corners reduce the wear and tear even when thrown in the bottom of a purse or tucked away in a wallet. This clever design will give it a stronger durability for the long run.

Whichever style you choose should represent your personality but not break your budget. Because at the end of the day, first impressions do matter.


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