According to a Promotional Products Association International study:

  • 88% of people can remember the advertiser on a promotional product.
  • 85% of people do business with the company featured on a promotional product.
  • 91% of promotional products are used in the kitchen.

However, have you ever received a branded promotional item and ended up throwing it in a drawer or back of a closet? For businesses, this can become a costly mistake. When picking out a promotional item it’s important to find an item that provides a simple and effective way to gain brand exposure DAILY.  

When you think about it: Magnets just make sense. Studies suggest that we walk past the refrigerator at least 15 times a day. That’s 15 impressions a day, 5,400 impressions a year; consumers keep magnets up to 2.5 years! Mind-blowing right? Now, think about combing the power of magnet visibility with your business card – your name, brand, contact information, website; it’s all right there. Compared to other advertising costs this might be one of the best forms of ROI you can receive from a promotional item.

3 Benefits of Magnetic Business Cards 


  • Double Use – Showcase your brand while also providing a functional tool for your audience to hold up papers, bills, to-do lists, and more on their fridge.
  • Their size and shape make them easy to stick in an envelope and mail out to your target audience, and being so lightweight means they won’t cost you any extra postage.


  • Magnets can withstand being carried, mailed, or dropped on the ground and not torn easily.
  • Unlike regular business cards that can get lost in a drawer, purse, or wallet business card magnets can be stuck onto any metal surface where they will be secure and seen for a long time.


  • With a wide range of design and size options, you can have a business card magnet that stays true to your brand identity while also being impactful.
  • Personalize it with a headshot, phone number, company website, social media icons, brand colors and more.

Are you ready to make an impression that sticks? Leave a message below or contact directly on how we can get you set up with magnetic business cards.



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