Color allows us to create connections. Each color has its own message and utilizing the appropriate colors to communicate your brand story can stimulate an emotional response. When 80% of the human experience is filtered through the eyes (Pantone Color Institute), it’s critical that your design and color choices instantly bond consumers to your brand.

The Right Combination

Big brands and corporations are able to influence target markets by choosing the right combination of colors. While some colors promote excitement, others promote serenity. In fact, psychologists have studied how color affects people and the correlations between color and emotion.

Red: Simulates hunger, excitement, energy and passion
Orange: Evokes cheer, confidence, and fun
Yellow: Promotes optimism, warmth, motivation and hope
Green: Associates itself with serenity, wealth, health, growth and prestige
Blue: The most popular brand color choice for its association with trust, dependability, strength and security
Violet: Promotes sophistication, imagination, mystery and intelligence
White: Signifies purity, cleanliness, nobility, and freshness
Black: Boosts sophistication, prestige, value and authority
Brown: Evokes nature, durability, and simplicity

Example: Red Lobster, McDonald’s, KFC utilize the color red to increase appetite and enhance their customer’s mood and perception.

Top Brands

A study of the world’s top 100 brands found that 95% of them only use one or two colors in their logo. Why? Simple is better. When you keep your logo and your brand colors to a minimum it requires less time for a client to observe and you are easily remembered. Multiple colors have the mentality to overwhelm and clash on different surfaces, diminishing your overall brand aesthetic.

Color’s used most by top brands:

Blue – 33%
Red – 29%
Black/Grayscale – 28%
Yellow – 13%

Source: Column Five

Secondary Palette

While you may have a primary color that represents your brand, that doesn’t mean you’re limited. For instance, you can create a secondary color palette that compliments your brand color without interfering. This palette can be used for your marketing materials and digital efforts to catch your reader’s attention. See how we used a secondary palette on our website to complement our CGI Blue.

The Judgment

In a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interaction with a person or a product. About 62-90% of the assessment is based on color alone. When it comes to your corporate stationery, this is vital for your overall brand message. When a consumer is looking at your stationery side by side a cohesive look demonstrates professionalism, optimism, credibility, and reliability. In order to make sure your brand is a success and capitalizing on the opportunity color presents, we work with you to make sure the ink, stock, foil and more are an exact match to your brand color.

To learn how we can uniquely incorporate your brand colors into your stationery set comment below or reach out to us directly.





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