Envelopes are an often forgotten part of the mail lifecycle. However, they play an essential role in both protecting and enhancing brand awareness.

When it comes to corporate messaging, organizations need to think about how their operations can deliver value. Envelopes are often an underutilized product that can enhance and improve brand awareness, credibility and perception.

Here are 3 ways envelopes can drive corporate value:

  1. Enhance Engagement
    Weather your looking to send out a direct mail campaign or in need of basic corporate envelopes for invoices or bills, having a tailored envelope is a great way to boost engagement. In fact, according to a direct mail study oversized mail pieces have a 37% household return on investment over other mediums. Brands that can distinguish their mail through artistic mediums such as shape, color, flaps, design and more are often remembered by recipients and are more likely to be opened.
  2. Communication
    Junk mail. You’ve received it, you’ve tossed it aside. While receiving mail without a return address or logo seems to be exciting and mysterious, consumers often red flag this mail as not credible. When your organization’s name, logo or address is clearly represented on your envelope it provides a sense of credibility and reassurance that it’s coming from a recognizable source. To strengthen your brand recognition even further, make sure your brand is clearly represented on the materials inside the envelope as well.
  3. Protect & Secure Your Assets
    The most basic function of the envelope is to serve as protective packaging. A sturdy, reliable envelope that fits protects mail from damage, ensures efficient processing and keeps its contents secure from unauthorized readers. This is extremely important when sending highly sensitive mail, including financial statements. Having the correct envelope that secures your information and keeps it private helps give consumers peach of mind that their information is protected.

    At CGI, we help you provide you with quality envelopes for every occasion. From A-style, window, baronial, booklet, commercial envelopes and more, we’ve got you covered.


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