Everyone likes to look their best, so why shouldn’t your brand?

It’s a big world; in today’s ever-changing economy it’s important not to miss key opportunities that can increase your brand message. Keeping up on the latest trends can help escalate and sustain your company’s competitive position in your industry.

Your brand is your best asset, but how your brand is perceived relies on how you present it. For marketers and brand managers who want to stay ahead of their competition, finding out the most up-to-date trend can play a significant role when trying to stand out in the competitive landscape.

Here are a few of the latest trends we have noticed in Corporate Stationary this past year:

Stocks: Double thick stocks are making an impression when it comes to your business cards. The extra weight gives an impression of quality while layers incorporated with vibrant colors catch the eye instantly.

Debossing: Creates instant elegance and impression of quality. Mainly used by upper management and corporate for notes of appreciation to customers and employees.

Bright Whites: Bright white stocks create a bold statement without overbearing your brand message. Keeping your corporate stationery clean, concise allows your brand message to speak in a chaotic market that includes overused “fluff.”

Don’t let your corporate brand fade into the background; help it stand out with these latest trends. Keep your eye out for upcoming articles in June about how you can incorporate these trends into your brand and if they are the right fit for you.

*Corporate Graphics International is a national leader in corporate identity programs. Our goal is to find ways to save you time and money while providing quality personalized print products.


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