Every year corporations spend time thinking about how they can capture the attention of their audience. Whether it’s a well-designed e-mail campaign, website ad or social media push. The fact is, however, there are some things that print does better than digital. In an over-saturated digital market, print has the power to pull people in and provide them with a connective experience. Why is this important?

Intricate designs like the picture above allow individuals to touch and feel the pressure of the press while giving them an authentic experience with your brand. In fact, 43% of Millennials value authenticity over the content itself when consuming news. When your printed piece is recognized as a piece of art than just a holiday card, business card, brochure, notecard or more it becomes something the client values and keeps around. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like their brand to be displayed on every single prospect/customer desk?

3 Ways to Heighten Your Print

Printing Processes:  Consider using processes such as embossing, engraving, thermography, foil-stamping and more to add dimension and draw consumers to touch and feel your printed piece. Embossing was used on our holiday card above to make the design jump up from the paper and make an impact.

Paper Textures: Smooth paper has always been a staple when getting a printed piece produced. Stand out by picking something different! Textured paper adds a unique element to any printed piece and promotes a sense of wonder.

Paper Weight: Nothing exemplifies quality like weight. When something is heavy it instantly is seen as more valuable. Many corporations have turned to double-thick cards to enhance the look and feel of their business cards and give off an impression of the quality.

Need help making your brand more authentic while still staying true to your brand guidelines? Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Pictured: CGI 2018 Holiday Card
Inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultra Violet
Embossed, Gold & Silver Ink


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