You’ve been through the process a million times. Your company is venturing out and looking for a new vendor that can provide a specific product, service, or solution. The problem – you don’t know anything about the vendor’s services or what qualifies them as a good partner. When it comes to corporate print this can be a common challenge. To help ease your burden, we outlined some of the top questions you should be asking when creating an RFP for corporate print.

Is it secret? Is it safe?

You’ve probably heard this line before, and while it may be from a Lord of the Rings movie (The Fellowship of the Ring to be exact) it can be applied to something just as precious. Your Brand.

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It conceives your client’s perception, expectation, and foundation for building a long lasting relationship. When inconsistencies come up across your business card, letterhead, envelopes and more your brand’s credibility and reputation are questioned. To avoid this situation make sure you ask prospective vendors how they plan to secure your brand guidelines not only locally but globally.

Our solution is Converge™, our online ordering system. Converge™ is a protected site that allows us to store your guidelines, lock down templates and deliver real-time proofs. No matter who is ordering stationery across your organization you can be assured they are receiving the same consistent product across the globe.

What’s your game plan?

There are numerous factors that are involved when creating or moving a print program. While each situation is different you can’t go long without your corporate stationery. That is where an implementation plan comes in. Designed to align with your goals it is the most efficient way to plan for success.

We utilize our implementation plans to effectively communicate a roadmap that support our client’s vision and how we are going to proceed in any event.

Implementation plans should include…

Artwork Details
Production Specifications
Approval Guidelines
Billing Information
Communication Protocol

Can you translate?

If you’re a global player or looking to expand your market to reduce costs and be more competitive it’s essential to know what your current vendors can do to support you. For instance, can they take a well-respected known brand and adjust you’re their corporate print to fit the clientele in that specific area?

With our pulse over corporate identity and our global footprint, we continue to see the significance of translation services and how your business card can be more than just an informational tool but a gesture of courtesy. In fact, having bilingual or multilingual cards can be a sign of respect to the custom and cultures of people in that area.

In your RFP, inquire about the ability to support multiple languages or if they can accept languages electronically to fit your specific requirements.

Do You Have Insider Knowledge?

The business world can be challenging. Technology, emerging markets, trends and more continue to transform the way we work and staying relevant can be an overwhelming task. When you don’t have the time to keep up on what the competitive landscape is doing for their corporate print, make sure your vendor does.

Whether it’s a new stock, process, weight or more having the latest information and trends at your fingertips ensures that your brand will be at the top of the food chain. Our in-house design agency prides itself on our industry knowledge and what materials, inks, colors, processes, designs and more can aid your brand journey and create the experience you’re looking for.

By including these questions in your corporate print RFP you will be able to make an informed decision about the character of prospected vendors and if they are the right fit for your corporate brand goals.


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